Canopy is the design and illustration studio of Matt Anderson and Alex Pasquarella.

Fandom: Dark Fairytales

Fandom: Dark Fairytales

Client: Wikia / Fandom  |  Category: Illustration, Editorial

A series of illustrations made for Fandom that highlight the disturbing folklore and historical truth behind some of the most widely known fairy tales.


The Pied Piper

This dark scene depicts the Piper leading the children of his town into a river as revenge for not being paid for helping rid the area rats.


Little Red Riding Hood

This scene is a foreboding one that shows a dark woodland landscape during a quiet moment before Little Red is eaten by the wolf.


Hansel & Gretel

This illustration shows the oven of the cannibal-witch being used on an unlucky soul shortly before the young siblings make it to her cabin.



A dark version of this tale describes Cinderella's cruel sisters having their eyes pecked out by a dove as punishment for their actions.

Snow White

In this piece we focused on the iconic elements like the witch, the poisoned apple and the magic mirror.


The Three Little Pigs

Our version of this tale shows the evil wolf looking on from behind the only remaining house as the other two remain shambles and smoke.